Important Things You Should Do with a Jammed Garage Door

You may discover that jammed garage doors are quite common, even in your neighbourhood alone. Thankfully, as you are not the first person to back into their garage, there are now simple fixes for garage door issues. Without further ado, read on to discover the important things you should do with a jammed garage door.

Evaluate the Damage 

Examine the garage door after ensuring everyone’s safety. Keep in mind that you must look but not touch. Moving or replacing your garage door on your own could endanger you or cause further damage. Using the automated garage door opener or forcing the door open manually may cause the interior system to fail and collapse on you.

Photograph the damage to document it then have experts inspect the damage. While you wait for help, assess the damage to your vehicle. Take note of and photograph any car damage, and exercise caution when approaching doors that may have been hit. Take into account your car insurance and repair requirements.

Dealing with Garage Door Accidents

If you’ve backed into your garage door, you might be wondering how to fix it. Here are a few examples of common garage problems:

1. It Is Stuck

If you hit the garage door while it was opening or afterwards tried to open it, it may be stuck. If you store valuables in your garage, a jammed door can be dangerous. Visit a professional to fix your garage door. The majority of businesses have personnel available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Manual or automatic door operation may result in additional damage.

2. It Is Misaligned

If your garage door is out of alignment, do not try to adjust it until a professional arrives. Repairing off-track garage doors can be dangerous. It must be carefully fixed by skilled technicians.

3. It Is Bent

Repairing a garage door dent is more difficult than it appears. If you try to repair the dent yourself, you may need to replace the door. If the injury is severe, you should seek medical attention.

4. Its Automation Has Failed

If the door opener is not working properly, contact a professional. In this case, the entire system may be broken; thus, consult a professional.

Assessing a Garage Door Replacement

A garage door with dents may be usable depending on the extent of the damage. A garage door can be bent depending on its size. You may not need to replace the door if it is only slightly bent or dented and is still aligned.

If this is the case, the damaged panel should be strengthened with a strut to prevent further damage. If these instructions are unfamiliar to you, a professional can help! In any case, contact a garage door specialist to evaluate and repair the damage.

If two or more panels have significant dents, replace the door. Replacing each panel individually would cost almost as much as buying a new door. Your door should be replaced if it is more than five years old and has several damaged panels.

The replacing of a garage door has the best ROI of any home repair. Consider a garage door if you’re in the market for a new buy.


Don’t be concerned if your car collides with the garage door. Make contact with professionals to determine the next move. Regardless of the severity of the damage, get expert help and never attempt to do the repair on your own.

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