Warehouse Overhead Door Stuck: Common Causes and Prevention

Overhead doors on warehouses are the last thing you would notice, but they play a crucial role in ensuring all the jobs are done efficiently inside. When they function correctly, everything in the warehouse can go smoothly.

Because of this seamless work, their importance often goes unnoticeable. However, when the doors operate accordingly, the warehouse remains locked off and with heightened security. That means the products inside are sealed appropriately, and the operation continues efficiently.

Despite the general reliability of overhead doors, they are not immune to errors. There will come a time when this critical component suddenly encounters a problem that can affect the entire operation. It may get stuck, which may often be hard to fix and can delay operations.

Here are some of the most common reasons overhead doors get stuck and how you can avoid them:

1. Presence of Dirt and Damage

Its wheels are supposed to go down and slide smoothly between tracks and rollers. But that would not happen if there is debris caught in between the rollers.

In order to prevent such problems from occurring, the best thing you can do is ensure that there is no obstruction in the way. Keeping it clean and in good condition would help ensure that your door goes smoothly up and down. If you own a warehouse, scheduling a routine inspection could ensure that you keep your overhead doors’ performances on the peak.

2. Your Track Starts to Misalign

No matter how you care for your machines, they could get damaged with continuous use. Sometimes, the tracks become misaligned due to being hit accidentally, or they can warp and get corroded over time.

Tracks may look easy to fix, but they are sensitive materials that require the skills of a professional. Call one immediately and seek their assistance. Let them resolve the matter accordingly.

3. Its Panel Sections Are Damaged

When people attempt to break into your overhead doors, the force can get your door internally damaged. When it receives too much of this wear and tear, this door could end up malfunctioning.

The good news is that overhead doors are divided into sections. For that reason, you can simply address the damaged area and leave the rest as is. Just make sure to double-check every part of the overhead door to ensure that you do not miss anything.

4. Lack of Electrical Power

If your warehouse relies mainly on electrical power, a power interruption will definitely hinder its operation. However, that is not something you can control unless you plan to have a generator installed right within the warehouse corner.

Sometimes the problem occurs because the power supply is not appropriately positioned or some switches are not turned on. Confirm that the machines are properly installed for them to do their jobs well. Call a door specialist immediately if everything is the way it should be, yet the door is still not moving. They can recognize the internal problem that your warehouse door is suffering from.


Overhead doors, especially the high-tech ones, may seem sturdier and more hardworking than regular doors, but they can also get damaged, dirty, and worn out with everyday use. Warehouses also mainly deal with heavy items that could cause stress to the doors. These doors also need care, attention, and proper maintenance to last long.

Should you need help with that aspect, we can do the job for you. Capable One Door & Gate Services is your overhead door company specializing in providing overhead door service for commercial or residential purposes. Contact us today and receive the best service you can ever get in the Fraser Valley and Lower Mainland.

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