5 Different Types of Commercial Overhead Garage Doors

An overhead garage door can be quite a helpful tool to have in both your residence and place of business. It’s important to distinguish how a commercial overhead door is different from a residential one though, just so you’re sure to grab the adequate variation for the purpose it requires.

Commercial overhead doors are built to stand the wear and tear of heavy machinery and equipment passing over them regularly, possessing additional features to be stronger and more durable. With that, they are just the perfect addition to any company garage or business warehouse.

Furthermore, the overhead doors can be custom chosen or made to fit any commercial space, allowing for you to maximize your area and get better use out of it. You simply need to consult a garage door company and discuss what kind of overhead door would be ideal for your needs.

Here are five types of commercial overhead garage doors that you can choose from:

1) Free-Standing Overhead Garage Doors

A free-standing overhead door is the most basic type of commercial overhead door. This type of door is essentially the same as a residential garage door, but a commercial free-standing door is built with much heavier materials and increased weight capacity. Free-standing overhead doors can be used as an important part of the security system in a commercial building. 

2) Rolling Overhead Garage Doors

Made with a steel framework and insulated panels, roller overhead doors are great for industrial buildings. It has a design that allows for the door to roll up or down depending on the direction of the rollers. These types of doors do not come with windows or glass panels, used in commercial spaces with little or no natural lighting where there is no need for outside vision.

3) Vertical Lift Overhead Garage Doors

A vertical lift overhead door is ideal for commercial spaces that need easy access. These doors are made with the same framework and panels as a roller overhead door. Instead of the door rolling up and down, the door is lifted by a motor. This makes for an extremely easy and smooth passage for large vehicles to enter.

4) Sliding Overhead Garage Doors

A sliding overhead door is great for making extra room for vehicles or needs doors for extremely large spaces. For example, you may not have enough room for a swinging door in a tighter area. Sliding doors are great for this type of situation because they offer you a lot more space to work with. This type of door is also more cost-effective and energy-efficient. 

5) Hinged Overhead Garage Doors

A hinged overhead door is designed to be opened and closed by a person, unlike the other overhead doors opened and closed by a motor. This type of door is great for industrial buildings and commercial spaces that have people using the door frequently. It also offers a lot more ventilation than a rolling door because it can be opened completely.


Any of these doors can be a great and beneficial addition to your commercial space. As a business owner, it’s important to know what kind of commercial overhead door you will need to help improve the facility you’re operating in.

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