Your Basic Guide to the Most Secure Types of Garage Doors

Garages, just like any other part of your home, need to be highly secured. Its security mostly depends on the type of door being used. To learn more about types of garage doors and the level of security they provide, keep reading below.

Types of Garage Doors

Garage doors are made of different materials. However, their classification is more often based on their opening/closing mechanism and how they lock.

1. Roller Garage Door

Many people would argue that this is the most secure type of garage door because of how it is designed. There are no leverage points through the aluminum curtain as a result of its compact installation. This makes it difficult for intruders to break in. You can even choose one that is double-skinned for added security features. Just make sure that you find one that is of high quality.

2. Sectional Garage Door

A sectional garage door is very much similar to a roller garage door, except that it is not made of one large sheet material, but is instead made of multiple sections. However, because the design is similar, the sectional garage door is also very secure because there is also a lack of leverage points, which makes it difficult for any criminals to attempt to break in.

However, the main difference that most people like to cite between the two is that sectional doors do not roll up into a box like a roller garage door often does. Instead, they just slide up into the ceiling, and it could take up some space in your garage.

3. Up and Over Garage Door

Up and over garage doors tilt in an “up and over” motion, hence its name. Most people would recognize these doors to be unsafe because of their design, but the truth is, these doors have drastically changed over the years. Manufacturers are now placing more security on these doors and designing them to be harder to break down.

Yet, compared to the roller and sectional garage doors, they are still more vulnerable to break-ins. We recommend that you arm these garage doors with additional security features like alarms, cameras, or even motion sensors. 

4. Side-Hinged Garage Door

This model is perfect for those with accessibility and mobility issues. It makes it easier for them to get inside and outside of the garage door. In terms of security, this type of garage door can be secure enough, but can still be vulnerable due to most of the stability focused on the side with the hinge. To add security to this door, you can enforce it with multiple locks of different kinds.

How Can We Make Our Garage Doors More Secure?

The best way to make your garage doors more secure is to use the right hardware. Security hardware will make the opening mechanism more difficult and time-consuming. This will discourage would-be thieves and make them look for an easier target. Security hardware may include:

1. Locking Bolts

Locking bolts can be used in conjunction with the existing locking mechanism to add more security.

2. Metal Strikes

Metal strikes will work in conjunction with the existing metal track. They will help keep your door more secure, making it harder for thieves to come in.

3. Door Reinforcement

Door reinforcement involves the installation of a metal track outside the existing steel or metal frame. This will make the door more durable and secure. However, it is only recommended for commercial establishments.

4. Door Alarm

A door alarm is a very loud alarm that can be installed in the garage door to create more security. If anyone tries to break in, the sound will trigger and your neighbours will be alerted.


There are different types of garage doors and more security hardware options. Be sure to choose wisely, as the wrong equipment can compromise your security.

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