3 Signs You Need A New Commercial Garage Door

After running your commercial establishment for quite some time now, there are certain factors that you’ll need to look at, assess, and work on to keep everything running smoothly.

From bathroom pipes that need to be serviced or swapped out to the exterior fascia that needs to be restored to its original condition, the assortment of “must-work-ons” is something that continues to grow. Whether you’re running a restaurant with a strong niche following or a parts shop with many repeat customers, it helps to stay on top of property upkeep.

As you handle your establishment’s needs to ensure that everything runs smoothly, there’s one particular question that you have to answer: When should I replace my commercial garage door?

Signs to Keep In Mind

When it comes to determining whether your commercial garage door needs to be replaced, matters can be quite confusing because of the many factors at play.

Whether your fixture serves as the entry to your establishment or as the access point for your inventory, it helps to replace it whenever needed because it’s so crucial to your business. The right commercial garage door protects your assets from theft, vandalism, and weather damage, and of course, it makes your exteriors look good. This is why knowing when to replace is essential.

Here are a few signs you should call Capable One Door & Gate Services ASAP to install brand new garage doors for your commercial property:

Sign #1: Your Commercial Garage Door Is Damaged

If your garage door was damaged because someone drove into it with their vehicle or tried to break into it, it might need replacing because of the risks involved. Once the damage is sustained, your door can begin to experience denting, misalignment, or cracking, all of which can lead to even bigger structural problems down the line.

Sign #2: Your Business Is Expanding

As you continue to take on more clients and upgrade your stock and equipment, you’ll eventually realize that your trusty old door won’t cut it anymore. Whether it’s because of size constraints or mechanical issues and the like, it always helps to upgrade your commercial garage door once the business starts booming!

Sign #3: You Want to Change the Look of Your Establishment

As the old adage goes, “great change begins with one step.” In the case of improving your business’s premises, changing or upgrading your commercial garage door can pave the way for a well-deserved physical transformation for your premises.

Taking the time to upgrade your commercial garage door can significantly transform the overall look and feel of your premises. Once you let an expert like Capable One Door & Gate Services take over your needs, you won’t ever need to worry about lacking in the aesthetic department ever again.


When it comes to determining whether it’s time to have your commercial garage door replaced sometime soon, there are a few signs that you need to watch out for. Once you get a new installation underway, you’ll be able to immensely transform your space and help ensure that it enjoys a sweet bump in aesthetic appeal and functionality.

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