Garage Door Maintenance: Can You Repair Garage Door Springs?

Being a homeowner is highly beneficial because you have a permanent address. However, it’s also a responsibility because you must protect the other possessions you can place inside your home. A perfect example is a car, which you can put in your garage.

A garage is a dedicated space for a car and other objects, such as power tools. Naturally, a garage has a big door to allow the car to enter. However, it’s not perfect because its various components, such as the springs, can also break. Garage door springs are known to be the most fragile parts of a garage door because they bear a lot of weight, and they’re also exposed to the elements. Garage door maintenance is costly, so many people ask whether or not they can do it themselves.

More about Garage Door Springs

The inner workings of a garage door are pretty complex. The spring is responsible for lifting the garage door, although there are also springs on the track, called torsion springs. The other major spring is the extension spring, which is the counterweight to the torsion spring. If you have a heavy door, you will utilize the counterweight provided by the extension spring.

Garage door springs work by a torsion cable. The coiled wires allow the spring to be stretched and then released, allowing the garage door to move. With a long torsion cable, a lot of tension can build up, making the door weigh too much. You can have a variety of spring problems, but it’s most likely that your garage door spring will break.

What Causes Garage Door Spring Breakage?

Both internal and external factors can break a garage door spring. When the cable snaps, it can be dangerous because the door will fall. If there is something in front of the door, it can be destroyed.

The internal components of a garage door can also cause a broken garage door spring. There are internal springs that are smaller when compared to the torsion spring. However, they can still break due to tension buildup.

The external factors are usually weather-related elements. For example, snow and ice accumulation can weigh down the garage door, causing the springs to break. Even a simple slope can be harmful because the door will be pushed onto the tracks. The force is too great, causing the spring to snap.

Can You DIY the Project?

We’re here to set the record straight: garage door spring replacement is not a DIY project. Since springs hold the entire garage door system, the cable can snap, causing severe injury or even fatality.

The tension is also hazardous because it can cause the door to come crashing down. This is why it’s always best to use a professional garage door technician. They will ensure that the job is done correctly and safely. There are also high chances that your door might need to be replaced, meaning you will need to hire a professional for this.

Hiring a Professional

When looking for a garage door technician, you should consider various factors such as:

Your Budget

The garage door springs are a vital part of your garage door, so you’ll want to hire a reliable and skilled professional. You’ll need to ask for the full price for the service, so you can determine if the service is within your budget.


Experience is also vital, especially for a job as intricate as repairing garage door springs. When you hire a professional, you’ll want to ensure that the garage door springs are done to ensure that the problem won’t happen again.


You can see the ratings of the company or technician you are considering by searching for reviews. It’s best to work with a company with positive reviews, so you can be sure that your project will be done to your satisfaction.


Many homeowners put off garage door maintenance because it can be costly. However, if you have a broken garage door spring, you will need to pay for the replacement, which is not a cheap task. Hiring a professional to do the job correctly with the proper safety precautions is best to ensure the problem won’t happen again.

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