Reasons You Need to Get a New Garage Door Opener Remote

Garage door openers are available in many different types. Unfortunately, most of them are not built to last forever. Some garage door openers last for more than 20 years, but these are the lucky ones. Most garage door openers only last for six to 10 years.

Usually, it’s the garage door opener itself that fails, but sometimes it’s the remote for the garage door opener that’s the problem. Replacing the garage door opener is easy and will save you money compared to hiring a specialized garage door company. However, there can be a lot of factors for a faulty garage door opener remote.

Consider changing your garage door opener remote if you have reasons to ensure your safety and that of your possessions. Learn why and when you need to replace your garage door opener remote in the sections below.

You Lost Your Garage Door Opener Remote

Treat your garage door opener as an electronic key that provides access to your home, whether you use it more frequently than your front door key or only on occasion. However, even with extreme caution, a garage door remote can be misplaced.

When you realize your garage door remote is missing, you can search for it to restore your peace of mind. However, you need to assume that it has been taken, given that you have people and possessions to protect. 

Take the necessary precautions to make your garage and home safer, and get a replacement remote for the one that has gone missing.

Your Remote Is Malfunctioning or Not Working at All

Frequent use, manufacturing flaws, and accidents are all common causes of a broken remote. The device’s case and buttons can wear out over time to the point that you can’t feel any electrical contact when you press them. 

You can try replacing the buttons or clearing the dust off of the remote. If that doesn’t work, you might want to consider buying a new gadget.

Although assembly line products have a high success rate, something can go wrong with the manufacturing process at any time. It’s possible that your remote has faulty components, causing it to function wrongly or not at all. 

You may be able to request a free replacement from the manufacturer in these cases. So before you go out and buy a new remote, check the company’s website to see if you qualify.

Your Current Remote Is Not Compatible with Your New Garage Door Opener

When you pair a new garage door opener with a new remote, your system will work as smoothly as possible. When you get a new garage door opener, you can also purchase an overhead garage door remote replacement. Consider it a little investment in your new garage door opener’s long-term functionality.

With a new opener, a replacement garage door remote will provide a trustworthy response. It’s possible that an old remote with a new opener won’t operate as well as you’d want. It’s possible that your old remote has broken buttons or has a poor connection with your garage door opener. 

Purchasing a new door opener may include useful extras. Many current garage door openers are wi-fi equipped, allowing you to control your garage door from your smartphone.


Universal garage door remotes can be a more affordable option, depending on their features. They’ll work with your present opener as well as any future opener you buy. Universal remote controls are a good choice because of their versatility and low cost.

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