Overhead doors can become extremely dangerous when not serviced properly. If your commercial or residential door has an issue, call in the professionals to diagnose and repair it or prevent and maintain. Don’t try and be a hero and make situations worse for you and the door!

This door was not serviced properly, in fact never serviced. One morning the warehouse supervisor opened up the door and it came crashing down. If the facility would have had a preventative maintenance in place, this could have been prevented.

How you ask? This door had several broken rollers and hinges which in turn put extreme stress on the more competent hardware. However overtime the door became too much for the un-maintained hardware and came crashing down, causing a catastrophe. Thank goodness no one was hurt, but this could have turned out way worse.

Here is what would be done on a regular maintenance to ensure situations like this don’t happen to you!

Inspection Report: Sectional Doors Door system:

– Inspect door sections for signs of wear, cracking and/or damage.

– Inspect track system for signs of wear, cracking and/or damage.

– Inspect all seals (bottom rubber, side and top weatherstrip)

– Check all fasteners are tight. o Inspect cables, drums, bearings, sheaves, shaft, torsion springs, couplings, bottom fixtures

– Inspect and lubricate rollers, hinges and bearings

– Disconnect door from electric operator and test/adjust counter-balance.

– Run and test door for proper operation.

– Replace any rollers, cables, hinges as required

– Will recommend / quote any follow up work above and beyond

Electric Operator System:

Aligning, adjusting, tightening, lubrication and inspection as required of:

– Chains, sprockets, bearings, shafts, operator slides, clutches, brakes, key switches, safety devices, radio receivers, timers, and other electrical components

– Adjust and test limits

– Inspect motor brake and adjust, if applicable.

– Inspect and test emergency disconnect.

– Lubricate bearings, drive chain and sprockets

– Grease solenoid

– Test all safety controls and clutch, and adjust if required.

– Run and test system for proper operation.

– Replacement of brake shoes, solenoids, v-belts as required

– Will recommend/ quote any follow up work above and beyond