7 Important Maintenance Tasks for Your Garage Door

Garage door maintenance is extremely relevant for homeowners because it ensures the safety of their homes and family. There are several essential items that need to be checked on a routine basis to ensure your garage door and its parts work properly.

As a homeowner, you should be aware of the significance of garage door maintenance because the garage door is one of the most frequently used parts of your home, being used at least once daily.

Here are seven important maintenance tasks you should perform regularly:

1) Check How The Door Runs

First and foremost, check how the door runs. This means that you need to open and close the door manually. Check if there is any unusual noise or if the door pulley jumps and jerks. Look for any parts that are not normally used. Doors that don’t close smoothly or that stick when opening or closing require immediate attention and be replaced as soon as possible.

2) Keep it Lubricated

To keep the door running smoothly and prevent it from sticking, you should have the hinges and rails lubricated. Use the lubricant recommended by the garage door specialist. If your garage door has aluminum or steel components, oils designed specifically for these metals must be utilized to avoid corrosion.

3) Have the Hardware Tightened

As it opens and closes, the hardware on your garage door, which includes the springs, cables, and as well as rollers, must be checked and tightened immediately if any of these becomes loose or damaged. While this is not technically maintenance, it can prolong the door’s longevity. Have an expert work on these parts of your door.

4) Get the Door Balance Tested

It is recommended that the door balance be tested because this will reveal whether or not the springs are taut and the proper tension is maintained. This is important to check because a loose or broken spring can cause the door to drop or fall, potentially causing injury. It will also reduce motor strain. Specialists can conduct this test before the lubrication process.

5) Repaint When Necessary

A garage door with worn paint can be easily repainted. To restore the original quality, have the surface sanded and repainted. This will make the door appear cleaner and newer, making your home seem more appealing. The fresh paint should cover any discoloration, rust, or other marks. Stick to the paint type and color specifications provided by the manufacturer.

6) Repair Broken Features

Broken features that endanger safety must be attended to as soon as possible. If you have a garage door with faulty parts, get them repaired and solved right away. This includes replacing springs, rollers, cables, hinges, and tracks, among other things. You should also inspect the safety sensors to ensure they are in good working order.

7) Clear the Tracks and Cables

One of the most important maintenance tasks you can perform on your garage door is to clear the tracks and cables on a daily basis. This will remove any dust, dirt, and grime that may have accumulated over time. The purpose is to keep a clear pathway that will allow the door to operate smoothly, reduce noise, and prevent it from jamming.


Maintaining your garage door is not complicated. It is quite simple, especially with a hired technician to do the job for you periodically. With these tips, you know what to do even if you have no prior experience.

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