The Importance of Sealing Overhead Doors and Loading Docks

Your loading dock is a bustling place where it receives a high amount of traffic on a daily basis. As orders come in and your shipments go out, there’s always something happening there, making it the busiest area in your facility. However, once all the action is over, and it’s time to close up, sealing up your loading dock and your overhead door is a must.

Come wintertime, whatever products you have stored behind that overhead door needs to be protected from the elements and the intense cold. Those huge doors on your dock can be a significant source of heat loss in winter. So, the question is, how do you reduce the leakage of cold winter air through those large door openings? This guide aims to answer these questions, among others.

Commercial Garage Door Seals

In any loading dock, there will always be a few problem areas that can leave your dock, and the cargo inside can become vulnerable. The most obvious part would be the bottom seal of your commercial overhead door. You need to check first if the bottom is in good condition and if there are huge gaps between the door and the floor. Those gaps can become a considerable concern as they serve as an entryway for rodents and other pests.

The next thing to look at is the top and sides of your garage doors. Are they adequately sealed when closed? If not, then there may be an adequate seal that was never installed, or it could have deteriorated over time.

For the bottom seals of commercial garage doors, there are a few solutions out there to help you seal up your doors properly. Some examples include:

  • Brush type seals
  • PVC seal with integral vinyl weather seal
  • Seals mounted directly to track angles or guide angles

Seals depend on the door type, the jamb type and how your overhead doors are used. The best solution would be something that can seal your overhead garage doors perfectly that wouldn’t cause any moisture to go inside.

Loading Dock Seals

After considering the doors, we also need to seal the loading dock board. A significant amount of air infiltration can occur around these dock boards. As with the bottom, top and sides of doors, there are solutions available that may dramatically reduce the gaps and drafts around the dock board.

Loading dock seals provide protection to your structure, trucks and shipments. The seal can provide a tight closure between the truck and your loading dock that keeps temperatures consistent. It also keeps away any insects, pests, dampness, and other things out of your building. This is especially important if you have any particularly delicate load that your clients will be inquiring about. A dock seal can provide an airtight seal, which is the best possible protection you can afford for your products.


Loading dock areas are always under constant attack by pests, dust, and the weather. Sealing off your garage doors and your dock should be a priority if you want your products to stay in good condition just before you ship them out.

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