5 Best Types of Garage Doors to Complement Your Home

When looking for a replacement or new installation, the variety of residential garage doors may be daunting. A garage door can enhance or diminish a home’s curb appeal, blending it into the street or neighbourhood, or allowing it to stand out in the best possible way.

Are you not sure which garage door style is ideal for your home? If that’s the case, here’s a look at some standard options and how to pick the right one for you:

Traditional Garage Doors

Among the classic garage door types, panel versions are the most popular. You’ll find that raised panel garage door alternatives look great without becoming overbearing.

A classic raised panel garage door can also be customized to stand out. Select a unique material, select the ideal stain or paint colour, and add windows, among other things. These minor details may create the perfect raised panel garage door for a classic home.

Contemporary Garage Doors

Do you live in a modern home? If that’s the case, contemporary garage doors could be the right fit. Many of these garage doors are made up of aluminum and glass, allowing you to tailor how much natural light and seclusion you want for your house.

Steel alternatives are also available to provide a modern vibe. Make sure your house is built in a manner that complements the modern garage door.

Carriage House Garage Doors

Colonial and Victorian-style homes can wonderfully partner with carriage house garage doors. These doors harken back to olden times when people kept their carriages in little cottages next to their primary residences.

Today’s carriage-style garage doors have the appearance of swing-out doors, but with the added benefit of opening upward. Carriage house doors provide you with the option of choosing hardware and a variety of additional options to complement your garage door.

Steel Garage Doors

Steel garage doors account for the majority of sales. A steel door is hard to match when it comes to overall performance and value. Steel is a long-lasting and sturdy material that withstands denting and dinging even from flying hockey pucks. Steel can also withstand hundreds of garage door rotations, which may shatter durable materials such as wood, vinyl, and fibreglass.

Steel garage doors are also quite affordable. As a result, steel is one of the best garage door materials and an excellent choice among durable and cost-effective options. 

Custom paints and stains may enhance the appearance of steel doors. Your steel door can be customized to fit the exterior colour scheme of your home. Woodgrain designs are embossed onto the outer skins of many steel garage doors. Some homeowners prefer to tint their steel door to give it a more natural look.

Wood vs. Other Materials

When it comes to residential garage doors, the material matters a lot. Steel is a popular material because of its strength and durability. Many homeowners, however, are smitten by the beauty and feel of genuine wood, which is reasonable. Natural wood makes a house stand out on the street and in the community. Natural wood garage doors may take some upkeep, but they can significantly improve the exterior appeal of your home.


After considering the above suggestions, don’t forget the most crucial factor: your lifestyle. Remember that your garage door, like your home, should represent your lifestyle. Have fun selecting one from a garage door company that will meet your needs.
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