Commercial Overhead Doors: Types and Advantages of Using Them

Overhead doors are one of your company’s most essential pieces of equipment. It is the first thing visitors see. Thus, it helps boost your company’s value. 

In this article, we will be discussing the different types of overhead doors and the advantages of using them for your business. 

Types of Commercial Overheard Doors

Coiling Overhead Doors

Coiling overhead doors are made of 18- to 24-gauge structural steel that is strong and durable. Each unit is constructed from slats or segments that measure around two to three inches in width. Particular doors can endure as many as a million open and close cycles with little to no maintenance. As a result, coiling doors are more durable, flexible, and aesthetically pleasing.

Sectional Overhead Doors

When a sectional door is opened, it is composed of panels that move in response to the door’s movement. They are made of 14- to 16-gauge robust steel and are installed vertically against the wall. They are available in two sizes. In addition, there is a horizontal track that is fastened to the ceiling to provide additional support for the door. In comparison, most of these doors are tilted up over the floor, a few swing out of the way.

Insulated Overhead Doors

Industrial overhead doors can be insulated or non-insulated, depending on your needs. Temperature variations, pollution, noise, and insects are just a few of the things that every company owner fears about their building’s outside.

An insulated door has various advantages, including reduced energy usage, noise reduction, and increased business value.

The Advantages of Commercial Overhead Doors

1. Sturdy and Long-Lasting

An array of exceptionally robust materials is used to construct commercial overhead doors, ensuring their longevity and ability to endure the daily abuse they get. It is designed to withstand scrapes, bumps, and any other form of pollutants. Almost minimal upkeep is required, so they’ll last for years.

2. Exceptional Protection

To run a successful business, you must have a location that is both easily accessible and secure. These concepts are ensured when you use a business overhead door. You can expect the strength and stability you expect from a high-quality commercial overhead door when the doors are installed precisely. It’s as simple as using a key or a door opener that reacts automatically to open and close the door at the push of a button.

3. Convenient Access

In contrast to ordinary doors, overhead doors open outwards with all door mechanisms held above. As a result, more space is available for company owners to utilize. They come in handy when you need more room to load or unload your vehicle quickly. In reality, there is enough room for a car to park in the given spot. Fork trucks, plows, and tractors can also be utilized to access the company premises.

4. Expanded Capacity

The adaptability of an overhead door is another benefit. These doors make it simple to move between indoor and outdoor areas. It’s easy to get a breath of fresh air and sunlight by installing an overhead door that leads to a patio or deck. Consequently, you’ve got a far more expansive and adaptable area that looks amazing.

5. Provide Critical Insulation

As previously stated, most overhead doors are insulated using a combination of foam and aluminum. They function to keep warm air inside and cold air out of a business’s premises. As a result, the temperature within your home will be more consistent. As a result, consumers save money on their monthly electric bills since they use less energy.


Commercial overhead doors are recommended when you have a business that needs additional security and protection. Overhead doors also create a feeling of prestige for your company’s premises. Lastly, you can save a lot of money on your monthly energy bills.

Capable One Door & Gate Services is an overhead door company located in the Lower Mainland and Fraser Valley. We sell and install commercial doors that are built to last. Contact us to get a quote! 

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