Choosing between a Single Swing Gate and a Double Swing Gate

All types of houses have gates. Regardless if it’s a big house or just a small property, it has its own type of gate that will keep our valuables in and other unknown people out. Think of it as the most basic form of safety and security measure, just second to your instincts and ability to sort out friendly neighbours from suspicious stragglers.

Now, as basic as they may be, gates have two major variants: single swing gates and double swing gates. You may have already seen these gates in action before because they are typically common gate designs.

 First-time homeowners are more likely to commit mistakes, and picking out the wrong types of amenities for their new home is often their own doing. When it comes to your home’s security, you should always have a say on comparing practicality and efficiency. This is why you need to weigh certain variables before committing to your choice of gate.

If you want to avoid the same mistakes that they do, check out the following pointers we have listed below so you can choose the right gate type for your property:

1. Consider the Size of Your Property

Gates are the main entrances into your property, which means that you have to consider its size for various reasons. It’s easy to go for a single swing gate as it only requires one side of hinges, but the thing is, that would only cater to smaller houses as it would not make any sense to have two swivels at such a small driveway.

Besides your main gate, it is even more impractical to choose double swing gates for a porch or patio. Remember to keep your gate’s sizing in check, especially for small entrances that do not even match the size of a large garage.

2. Consider the Style of Your Property

Sometimes, size is not the only thing that matters. You also have to consider the style of your home. It’s one thing to show off an elegant outdoor space. However, showing your guests and neighbours that all your amenities and decors are a perfect match is another subject altogether. If you want to stand out by highlighting complete coordination in your home’s luxury design, go for a high-quality double swing gate.

Not only does it exemplify a high-lavish lifestyle, but it also gives off the impression that you are welcoming guests to your not-so-humble property. This is because double swing gates tend to show more class than a single swing gate.

3. Consider the Safety and PrecauPracticalitytion

Believe it or not, the wind and possible property damages will come into play when choosing the right gate for you. Single swing gates generally take up more space, especially if they swing outwards. If a strong wind were to knock it out of your control, the gate itself might hit your car or the car of your guests that is pulling up outside your home. This is a big no-no, especially if you want to avoid paying for damages.

Double swing gates also tend to occupy a certain swing space, but they are at least more conservative and safe when it comes to facing strong winds. It’s best to take accurate measurements of your property’s space to avoid any of these issues. Doing so lets you set borders and locking systems to prevent accidents.


Choosing between a single swing gate and a double swing gate may not be an easy decision at first, but taking note of the pointers above may just help you make up your mind in no time. Considering the size of your driveway, the style of your property, and the safety and frequency of strong winds in your area will prove to be useful to your pick.

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