The Potential Benefits of Underground Parking Structures

underground parking

As land values grow and cities promote mixed-use developments that include parking beneath the principal development use — office, retail, hotel, and residential – underground parking structures are becoming increasingly frequent. Underground parking also allows the city or developer to maximize available street frontage for retail and commercial applications. Though more expensive, subterranean parking has […]

Benefits of a Parking Lot Security Gate to Your Business

parking lot

No matter what business you have, having a parking lot is essential to your business operations. It is where your employees start and end their workdays, where your customers go first when they visit, and where your supply deliveries go through. As multiple people have access to your parking lot, keeping this area secure, efficient, […]

These Strategies Can Help Make Your Parking Lot Safer

Safe underground parking garage

Parking lot facilities have become a place where many crimes occur. These include car thefts, assault, sexual assault, and even homicides. With that being said, it is essential to implement proper safety measures to keep your facility safe from outsiders. How do you keep your parking lot safe, then? Have Adequate Lighting Having a well-lit […]

3 Ways to Enhance the Security of an Underground Car Park

Underground Car Park

Businesses with underground car parking facilities often underestimate the importance of sufficiently securing them. Many companies find it quite simple to safeguard their above-ground parking lots and vehicle parks by using a variety of security measures such as gates and traffic control barriers, among others. These underground parking garages are just as susceptible to theft […]