What Are the Signs You Need a Garage Door Tune-Up?

A functional and secure garage door is paramount to protecting your property and vehicles. However, like any other mechanical system, your garage door may need maintenance to keep it running smoothly. Fortunately, there are several signs you can look out for that may indicate that your door needs a tune-up.  By recognizing these signs and […]

Identifying and Solving Garage Door Problems in the Winter

garage during winter

Due to extreme temperature fluctuations, winter is a difficult season for garage doors. Garage doors can experience a range of problems when the weather gets colder, including issues with insulation, seals, and even the door’s mechanics. As such, they need to be addressed before they can cause more costly damage if left untreated. This article […]

The Basics of Garage Door Longevity and How to Prolong It

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A house is perhaps the most expensive investment most people can make. Homeowners are responsible for protecting their home and everything inside of it, even a car. As another expensive investment, cars should be protected from the elements to keep them safe. There’s no better way of doing this than by having a garage door. […]

The Dangers of Not Repairing Garage Doors Right Away

Garage Door

It is important that you take immediate action as soon as you notice that there is something wrong with your garage door. If you do not feel like doing the repairs yourself, you can always call in a professional. Here are some of the hazards that can occur with an unrepaired garage door: Disruption of […]

Garage Door Maintenance: Can You Repair Garage Door Springs?

Light blue house with a new single car garage, garage door.

Being a homeowner is highly beneficial because you have a permanent address. However, it’s also a responsibility because you must protect the other possessions you can place inside your home. A perfect example is a car, which you can put in your garage. A garage is a dedicated space for a car and other objects, […]

Summer Maintenance Tips for Your Garage Door

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On average, garage doors usually last anywhere from 15 to 20 years, but regular maintenance is still recommended. This will help maintain the garage door’s average lifespan and increase overall reliability. During the warmer months, you can take note of these easy maintenance tips from your trusted garage door company that can help keep your […]

Important Things You Should Do with a Jammed Garage Door

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You may discover that jammed garage doors are quite common, even in your neighbourhood alone. Thankfully, as you are not the first person to back into their garage, there are now simple fixes for garage door issues. Without further ado, read on to discover the important things you should do with a jammed garage door. […]

7 Important Maintenance Tasks for Your Garage Door

Garage door on a home that has been regularly maintained

Garage door maintenance is extremely relevant for homeowners because it ensures the safety of their homes and family. There are several essential items that need to be checked on a routine basis to ensure your garage door and its parts work properly. As a homeowner, you should be aware of the significance of garage door […]

Signs That Your Garage Door Needs Professional Repair

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Garage doors play a crucial role in the protection and security of your family. They serve as a barrier to prevent intruders from entering your house and as a passageway to the rest of your property. Some of us depend on our garage doors daily. We use it to back our car out in the […]

Why You Should Hire A Professional For Your Garage Door Needs

So, you’ve had a garage door installed, and you’ve loved how easily and effectively it opens and closes for you. However, as time passed, you’ve started to notice various worrying signs, from weird noises to even a slow down in its operation. What do all these things mean? Well, it could be the fact that […]