5 Possible Causes for Automatic Gate Malfunctions

One of the most important types of home investment is a driveway gate. It adds an extra layer of security for the whole family, preventing all sorts of threats and break-ins. At the same time, it creates a safe distance between your home and the street, allowing your kids and pets to play safely away from the road. It would be a real huge inconvenience to discover that your automatic driveway gate has broken down. What is worse is how you would need to spend again to fix or replace it.

Gate breakdowns occur due to many causes. If you have an automatic gate in your home, here are some probable reasons they could experience errors once in a while.

1: Loose or Damaged Hardware

Automatic gates are supposed to move smoothly. For them to work correctly, every component should also work accordingly. If there is just one loose hinge or chain, it will not function the same way. Automatic gates are also sensitive to all kinds of damage and issues, like rust and dirt. Make sure that proper inspection and maintenance are observed regularly to avoid this problem.

2: Electrical Failure or Loss of Power Supply

Automatic gates rely on their electrical systems for them to work correctly. One failure within the chain could turn your gate useless. Sometimes, resetting the whole system can instantly solve the problem, but technical intervention is needed most of the time. Regular service and inspection can also prevent this from happening.

It would help if you also learned how to manually open an automatic gate in case of a power outage with no electrical backup system. That can save you from being stranded inside or outside your property.

3: Cold or Stormy Weather

The weather also plays a role in your gate’s functionality. You could end up with contracted metal, frozen oil, and a thickened gearbox when it is cold. These could affect the smoothness of your automatic gate’s functionality.

Attention and maintenance are what your gate needs during these times. You need to keep lubricating the gate, often using a product made for cold days to survive the hurdle. Your gate should also have lightning protection, especially when you live in an area where storms and lightning are common.

4: Blockage

Any blockage can affect your gate’s performance. Whether that is a small stone obstructing the way or a pile of snow waiting to stop the entrance, it could damage your property gate.

Besides checking the track, make sure that you also keep an eye on the photo-eye sensors. They are prone to dirt, moisture, and spider webs. Make sure that they are clean all the time.

5: Poor Installation

Another cause of the problem is poor installation from your contractor. An automatic residential gate is not like any ordinary gate. Its mechanism is complex and quite sensitive. You need someone knowledgeable about its components to ensure that it would be installed correctly and work appropriately. Make sure to choose qualified contractors who have experience doing the same job.


Every part of a house is a significant investment. Homeowners went on buying materials for their homes, thinking and wishing they would last for a long time. Still, that depends on various factors, such as the quality of the materials purchased, the workmanship and installation, and the maintenance and care of the owners. If you want your driveway gate to protect your house for years, you need to check its condition regularly and perform some care steps from time to time.

Good security starts with quality driveway security gates. For installations or repair concerns in the Lower Mainland & Fraser Valley, Capable One Door & Gate Services Ltd. is here to serve. We also provide 24-hour commercial emergency service. Book an appointment with us today.

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