3 Questions to Ask Yourself When Buying a Garage Door

Like going to the doctor for an exam or getting up for work on a Monday morning after five, ten, or 15 years of doing the same thing, buying a new garage door for your home sounds pretty straightforward until you need to do it.

If you’re a homeowner that’s especially particular about your home furnishings, then chances are that you’re going to experience some difficulty when shopping around for a garage door. With the wide assortment of styles, colours, opener options, and accessories available throughout the Lower Mainland and the Fraser Valley growing constantly, it seems that the task of purchasing a garage door only gets more challenging each year.

Questions You Need to Ask Yourself

After consulting with Capable One Door & Gate Service’s representatives and establishing what you can do with your budget and needs, it can be easy to start feeling overwhelmed with the process.

Considering that you love your home and are incredibly particular about making it look as unique as possible, you definitely wouldn’t want to throw caution into the wind and pick an option willy nilly. Fortunately, asking yourself these questions when shopping for a garage door will make it much easier to choose the right option in no time:

Question #1: What do I need?

As they probably taught you in school, needs should always come before wants. This may not be something you’d think about when buying garage doors, but it’s an especially applicable lesson.

Generally, understanding what you need should be first in the list of considerations for buying a garage door. Your needs will dictate most of the final details, after all. Once you understand the “why” behind your need for a new door, you can easily streamline your list of options!

Question #2: What aesthetic am I aiming for?

Garage doors have a significant impact on the overall appearance of your home, so it’s important to consider matters related to style before making a final decision. If you already adore the look of your soon-to-be-replaced garage door, then you can skip this question and just get the same thing.

If you’re looking for a change in your exterior aesthetic, there are two things you’ll need to consider: your personal tastes and the overall design of your home. Here are some additional questions to ask yourself:

  • What colour do I want my door to be?
  • What type of style and colour matches the interior and exterior accents of my home?
  • Do I want my door to have windows?
  • Will I need to have an expert weigh in to bring out the full visual appeal of my door and home?

Question #3: What’s my budget?

This is the primary inquiry that sets what you can and can’t buy. Garage door options are easily segmented according to price, so your list of choices is narrowed significantly when you set a firm budget.

Remember that a beautiful new garage door can add to the overall resale value of your home, so maybe it’s worth splurging for something a bit more expensive!


As complicated as the process of buying a garage door may seem, asking the right questions can go a long way towards ensuring that you end up with the best option possible. Once you ask yourself the three questions mentioned above, you’ll arrive at the best choice for your needs in no time!

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